Thursday, 7 July 2011

Jugni Ji

The mystic Sufi music never ceases to impress me. The sheer spirituality that oozes out from it is beyond explanation. Sufi music is an art of meditation and healing, which lit up the unconscious spiritual energy within us. No matter its Sufi or some other kind of music, it is indeed one of the best mediums of express your love and feelings. When you fall short of words music does the magic for you. ““Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.

One day, while making a random search for some good Sufi songs on YouTube, I fortunately stumbled upon a beautiful Sufi song, which made me fall in love with Sufism and learn more about this deep art. The song is named, “Jugni”, which has been performed by the famous Pakistani folk singer, Arif Lohar  along with a blossoming music star, Meesha Shafi for Coke Studio Pakistan. Though I understood the meaning of the song only in bits pieces but the rhythmic music and the powerful voice of the singers were so enthralling that I enjoyed the song thoroughly and understood the essence of the words, which were dipped in the nectar of spirituality and the longing for god. 

“Jugni Ji” depicts a devotee who is remembering god and thanking him for planting the seed of love in his heart. The love of god has detached him from the all the materialistic affairs of life and he prays to almighty to keep the flame of the love burning in his heart forever, which has enlightened his soul. He says to god that such strong is his devotion that whenever he thinks of him his heart flutters and he enters in to a spiritual world. He requests all the people to detach themselves from materialistic things of life as there is nothing which can be taken to the grave.  Don’t entangle yourself in relationships or don’t pride about your wealth and youth as all of them would slip away one day. There is only the love of god, which is immortal and will remain with us forever. 

I enjoyed the video as much as I loved the song. The twinkle in the eyes of the singers and a genuine smile on their faces make you feel that the words are flowing out straight away from their heart. I loved each and every note and beat of the song. That day I understood the real meaning of the saying that “Music has no language barriers”. Indeed, it is true. Music is the language of heart and soul, which connects all human beings to each other and a supreme power that govern our lives. 

Let’s just forget about everything for a while and enjoy this divinely song with a pure heart and free mind.

Alif allah chambay di booti, tey meray murshid mann vich lai hoo
Ho nafi uss baat da paani dey kay
Har ragaay harjai hoo
Ho joog joog jeevay mera murshid sohna
Hatay jiss ay booti lai ho
Pir meraya jugni ji
Ae way allah waliyan di jugni ji
Ae way nabbi pak di jugni ji
Ae way maula ali wali jugni ji
Ae way meray pir di jugni ji
Ae way saaray sabaz di jugni ji
Dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gootkun… karay Saeein

Parhay tay kalma nabi da Parhay saeein pir merya

Jugni taar khaeein vich thaal
Chad duniya dey janjaal
Kuch ni nibna bandiya naal
Rakhi saabat sidh amaal
Jugni dig payee vich roi
Othay ro ro kamli hoi
Oddi vaath naye lainda koi
Tey kalmay binna nai mildi toi

Ho wanga charha lo kuriyon
Meray daata dey darbaar dian
Ho naa kar teeya khair piyari
Maan daindiya galaryaan
Din din talhi juwani jaandi
Joon sohna puthia lariyaan
Aurat marad, shehzaday sohney
O moti, O laa lariyaan
Sir da sarfa kar naa jairey
Peen prem pya lariyan
O daatay day darbaan chaa akho
Pawan khair sawa lariyan

O wanga charha lo kuriyon meray daata tey darbar diyan
O wangha charha lo kuriyon meray daata tey darbar diyan
Dum gutkoon, dum gutkoon, dum gootkoon, gootkoon gootkon
Jugni ji
Jugni ji
Jugni ji…

Note: Singer Arif Lohar is the son of iconic Punjabi folk singer Aalam Lohar and represents the traditional folk heritage of Punjab. He has recorded around 500 albums till now, most of which have Punjabi language songs. In 2010, Coke Studio released his album, “Jungni Coke Studio” which sold like hot cakes in Pakistan and became a phenomenal hit in Punjabi music world. Arif always accompanies a chimta with him, which sets him apart from the league of other folk singers. He inherited it from his father.

Meesha Shafi is an upcoming singer based out of Lahore, Pakistan. Working as Brand spokesperson of L’oreal Pakistan, the chic and charming dame has a versatile personality. She is one of the most popular models in the country. Meesha was once the part of the rock fusion band in Pakistan named “Overload. It is regarded as the "Loudest band in Pakistan".

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