Friday, 24 June 2011

Tere Ishq Mein

Of all the genres of music that I listen to, Sufi music poetry touches the strings of my heart the most. Sufi musical poetry depicts the longing of the soul for almighty and the search of love in one's own self. Of late Sufi music has become a rage in our Hindi film industry. From “Afreen-Afreen” sung by legendary Sufi singer, late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan to Khwaja Mere Khwaja, for which AR Rehman lent his voice, there is a long list of Sufi numbers, which are winning the praises of music lovers. But there is one song, which melts my heart completely and gives me goose bumps whenever I listen to is “Tere Ishq Mein” by Rekha Bharadwaj.

“Tere Ishq mein” is the introductory song of her first music album, “Ishqa Ishqa”, for which the great lyricist and poet Gulzar and the one of finest directors and composers, (Rekha's Husband), Vishal Bharadwaj collaborated. Unlike other Sufi songs, Tere Ishq Mein has a very modern feel to it. It is more of a fusion than a pure Sufi Qawaali. Rekha Bharadwaj voice is so meditative and divinely that it takes you to into a deep trance. The lyrics of the songs are as spell bounding as the Rekha's voice and Vishal's soulful music. These simple words have such a deep meaning hidden in them.

“ Raat se Rukhi, Kajal se Kali”
“Raat Kate na, Hijra Wali”

The most interesting and unique part of “Tere Ishq Mein” is its video. It portrays the various forms of love through a row of painful scenarios while the exponent Sufi Kathak dancer, Manjhari Chaturvedi swirls swiftly in the background. A man who is committing suicide in the love of her beloved, an old father waiting for his son at the railway station, it’s absolutely incredible and so heart touching.

tere ishq mein tanhaaiyaan, tanhaaiyaan, tere ishq mein
hamane bahot behalaaiyaan tanhaaiyaan, tere ishq mein
ruh se kabhi manwaaiyaan, tanhaaiyaan tere ishq mein
mujhe toh kar koyi din gaya, mujhe chhed kar koyi shab gayi
maine rakh li saari aahatein
kab aayi thi shab kab gayi
tere ishq mein kab din gaya shab kab gayi, tere ishq mein
tere ishq mein haay haay haay
tere ishq mein - (4)

raakh se rukhi, koyal se kaali
raat kate na hijrawaali
dil sofi yeh tha, hum chal diye jahaan le chala
tere ishq mein hum chal diye
tere ishq mein haay tere ishq mein
main asmaan main hi jameen, gili jameen sili jameen
jab lab jale pi li jameen, gili jameen tere ishq mein

Note: The dancer in the video revolves in a meditating state, which carries a very symbolic meaning in Sufism. It is a unique form of Sufi whirling dance that takes a person to a prophetic state and he/she revolves in harmony with all the things in nature. Behind it rests a very strong scientific theory, which says that the fundamental condition of our existence is to revolve. Everything around us and in this universe is revolving, from the revolution of the various stages of life (birth and death), the revolution of blood in our body to the never ending revolution of thoughts in our mind. And unlike these revolutions, which are natural and unconscious, the human being possesses a sharp mind and intelligence which puts him apart from other form of beings. Hence, the whirling dervish or also known as Semazen, intentionally and in a conscious state of mind blend themselves in the revolutions of other beings. 


  1. Totally agree! Rekha Bhardwaj is my favorite singer as well... she takes you into another world. Love "Rahoo Rahoo", "Chingari" and "Roshni" from the same album as well. Listen to Rahoo Rahoo... it will melt you into the divine.

  2. Hey thanks a lot for your comment:). I have heard Rahoo Rahoo..its such a divine song..:)

  3. Hi i love rekha bharadwaj's voice. it is sooo ethereal. i just love the song tere ishq mein. it is simply out of the world. the way she has sung. i like the the last line "main aasman, main hi zameen...". i request anyone to post the complete meaning of this song. i can understand the song the sense but the deep meaning especially the last four lines of the song. i would be thankful if anyone lets me know if there is any website which can be seen for meanings of such songs. thank u very much

  4. Hi, thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed, its a beautiful song. I am not good at Urdu but I have tried my best to explain the meaning of this song as much as I could get it. However, if I come across a site which explains it better I will definitely let you know.