Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Tu Raja ki Raj Dulari

I miss your jokes, your arguments, your strong 301 no wali chai but what I miss the most are our late nights drives when when we would turn the stereo volume up full blast and sing the songs at the top of our lungs. And one song that we enjoyed the most and played repeatedly, which made our voices crack and eyes red with pain ( as we tried to sync with the octave range of the singer) was “Tu Raja ki Raj Dulari”, from the movie, “ Oye Lucky Lucky Oye”. I must admit that Rahul and I must have seen this movie over 30 times. We just needed a reason or simply no reason to watch it. No matter we were happy or bored; we always ended up either watching the film or playing its songs over and over again. And of all the songs, “Tu Raja ki Raj Dulari” would always top our playlist.

Tu Raja ki Raj Dulari, is a popular Harnayvi Ragini, ( a style of singing), which has been composed by the only female musician of our generation, Sneha Khanwalkar. The song gives a larger than life feel and boasts feet tapping beats. Sneha has rendered a westernised to it while keeping its folk flavour alive. “ Tu Raja ki Rajdulari” plays in the background of a scenee in the movie when lucky and his friends, as part of their usual and routine, check out some school girls in the market. The song blends pretty well to the situation of Lucky who yearns for a luxurious life and love. And the lyrics of the song do full justice to this situation.  

Tu Raja ki Raj Dulari depicts a beautiful conversation between “God Shiva” and “Goddess Parvati “ who proposes him to marry her . She is a princess while Shiva is a yogi who lives on the Mount Kailash in snow clad Himalayas. He gives her ample reasons that why she should not dream of marrying him as he is a monk and lives a hard life. Shiva tells her that she will be horrified with his appearance, his long knotty locks, and a cobra slithering around his neck. He suggests her to get married to a king as she is habitual of luxuries and would not be able to quit the worldly affairs for him. He is just a saint who enjoys his life alone meditating on Mount Kailasa in Himalayas.

The song did not click much with the urban audience who considered it to be a rough number but if you happen to understand Haryanvi language then you would surely appreciate the lyrics of this song and its strong music that resonates in the mind for long.

Tu raajja ki rajdulari main sirf langotte aala sun, 
Bhaang ragad ke piya karun main kundi sotte aala sun -2

Tu rajja ki chhori sai, mhare ek bhi dasi das nahi
Shawl dushalle odhan aali, mhare kambal tak bhi paas nahi
Tu bagga ki koyal sai, yadde barf pade hari ghaas nahi,

Kis tariya jee laagge tera,
 shatranj, chopad, taash nahi,

Kisi sahukaar sai bhyah karwa lai.
Sahukaar sai bhyah karwa lai,
 main khalis totte aala sun
bhaang ragad ke piya karun main kundi sotte aala sun,

Tu rajja ki rajdulari main sirf langotte aala sun
bhaang ragad ke piya karun main kundi sotte aala sun.

Main dhoone mai tapya karun tu aag dekh ke dar jaagi,
Rakh ghol ke piya karun mera bhaag dekh ke dar jaagi
Sau sau saanp pade reh gall mai naag dekh ke dar jaagi,

Taandav naach kare bann mai rang raag dekh ke dar jaagi,

Tane julfan aala chhora chahiye.

Julfan wala chhora chahiye,
 main laambe chotte aala sun,
bhaang ragad ke piya karun main kundi sotte aala sun.

Note: “Tu raja ki Raj Dulari” was sung by a 12 year old Haryanvi folk singer, Rajbir whose voice is as powerful and larger than life as the lyrics of this folk song.



  1. awesome song rajbir...

  2. has he sung more songs.i mean rajbir his voice was so appealing..sneha sawalkar has done her part with the background score

  3. thanks for your comments...indeed..Rajbir is an amazing singer and Sneha is one of the best music directors of our time.

  4. I loved the song when it released and listened to it repeatedly, only for it to fall off my radar, but reappear now after nearly 2 years. I am struck by this unusual but powerful and poignant voice and decided to dig around when I came across this blog.

    Notwithstanding my complete lack of familiarity with Haryanvi, this song never fails to touch a deep chord within me.

    Thanks for sharing the lyrics and some background about the singer. Wow, incredible that this has been sung by a 12-year old!


  5. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your lovely comment and I am glad you liked the post. I absolutely love the earthy and raw feel of this song. And indeed, the powerful voice of the singer makes you feel great . :)

  6. Just love this song, awesome conversation between cosmic couple....