Friday, 2 December 2011

I hate chums on a rainy day :)

Random thoughts are perhaps the most genuine. Neck deep in office work, one day I was thinking about how my life was slipping by, moment by moment. I began to meditate on the life of every woman as an eternal muti-tasker and my thoughts veered towards the random topic of ‘menstruation’.  That’s when this poem happened.  I few lines were jumping in my head and I quickly arrested them on a paper.

 On Rakhi’s request, am sharing the same poem with you.

Pain of separation, longing for love.
 Are age old maladies, here to stay
Yet there’s one I fear the most,
I hate chums on a rainy day.

Wetness in and wetness out
Could there be more deadly mix?
Piping coffee and soothing concoctions,
Ah! I’ve tried all old wives’ tricks.

Some say diverting the mind is best,
Skip all chores and take some rest.
Curl up in bed and read a book,
Leave the kitchen for the man to cook.
But, the icky drip is here to stay.
I hate chums on a rainy day.

Often I wonder how it will be,
If my man could share it with me.
Be my partner in monthly pain,
Know the discomfort during endless rain.

But I have a kinship with my chum,
Even though it makes me glum,
And irks me beyond all words can say,
I hate chums on a rainy day.

By Rashmi Sharma

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Photo clicked by Rahul Sharma

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