Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Guest Post- The Dream

Enjoying a romantic walk in the rain, lying on a reclining chair in the balcony and endlessly looking at the calm and balmy sky while bidding adieu to the edible orangish sun falling in to the lap of majestic snow clad mountains. That’s the silhouette of a perfect and serene life for my day dreamer sister, Rashmi.

It’s her most awaited dream to build a fairytalish cottage in the hills of Mussoorie where she can admire the nature , go for a wee walk in the woodlands, wander aimlessly in the markets, skim through n number of books in Cambridge store (where she can meet her favourite writer, Ruskin Bond) and spend rest of her life peacefully with her friend cum husband (Akshay).

Of late she  wrote a beautiful poem about this thought of hers and it’s indeed a pleasure for me to share it with everyone through my blog. I hope her dream comes alive soon as she deserves all the happiness in this world. 

The Dream 

Now I will, a house on a hill,
With a cool stream running by,
Where winds hum melodies all day long,
And nights are alive with fireflies.

A place where trees, will set us free,
And keep all worries at bay,
Where the mind will soar and the heart will roar
out tunes of a happy day.

Where birds will hop, and time will stop,
As we recline in leisure,
Where bees will buzz the music of the soul,
And open life’s closeted treasure.

Where in the porch, on a sunbathed noon,
We’ll sit nodding in a daydream,
And wake up refreshed to the chime of the stream,
or the glimpse of the evening moon.

Make haste my love!
Let’s find this haven where mind will be at rest,
Where reason is silent and heart sings along,
Such place for us is best.

Now let’s go there and wait no longer
for the sixties to ensue,
Let’s croon sweet nothings of love again
I think it’s long overdue.