Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Dear Noni :)

The very first time when I held him in my arms is still afresh in my memory. With a lump in my throat, I just kept looking at him quietly; taking in the charm and purity he had on his serene face in my restful mind. His tiny hands seemed like two soft petals of freshly blossomed rose.

 With his big black eyes, he glanced at me and gave me the most beautiful smile that I had ever received in my life. It truly melted my heart away. Tears were on the verge of trickling down my cheeks and why wouldn’t they have?  I had the most special baby in my hands; my very own Noni, who made my sister a proud mother and me a maasi. I am his maasi, (maa jaisi)  but I am no less than his mother. Though, I didn’t get much time to spend with him but I am strongly connected to him through my heart and Skype :).

While coming back to the UK from my last trip to India, I thought I would not miss him much as life  is very busy for me here. But I was so wrong! The very moment I stepped in to the flight, I was already Nonisick!!! I was heavily missing the soft and sweet smell of his cottony body, his tiny hands, his big twinkling eyes, and his charming smile.
It’s been over 6 months since I last saw him in person but that does not make any difference to the strong bond that I share with my Nonu. Ever since I came back, I decided to Skype him daily to make sure I am very much the part of Noni’s beautiful childhood. Despite of being thousands of miles away from him, I have experienced his many heartwarming mischiefs, which I could have easily missed, had I not been seeing him regularly.

 My day kicks off having a brief chat with him while traveling in the train and ends up chatting up again with him in the evening until it’s the time for him to hit the bed. His naughty chuckle brightens up my otherwise monotonous day. His gibberish is one language that I cherish the most these days. Noni excitingly responds to my stupid acts of trying to make him smile. And that gives me the utmost pleasure and a great relief that he recognizes me very well.

  And yes, I should not forget my sister who has made an amazing mother besides being a wonderful sister and a great friend. I seriously believe that distances really don’t matter if you love someone from true heart. Love you loads. :~)

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