Thursday, 9 July 2015

The beautiful doors of Malta

No ! It was not just the wooden balconies that I fell in love with in Malta. The elegant doors painted in bright hues and adorned with antique brass and iron door handles and knockers too left me awestruck with their vibrant charm.

 Famous American Philosopher “Naom Chomski” once said, “to know the door handle is to know the mankind”. Looking at the ornately designed door knockers and handles in Malta that grace the brightly painted front doors of the houses, one can easily say that Maltese people indeed have an aesthetic eye and have love for everything artistic.

There are no two identical doors in Malta. With its unique colour, texture, and style, every door has its own character. It quietly unveils the personality of the person living behind it. While travelling around Valletta, Gozo, Mosta, Mdina, and many other wonderful towns and villages, I captured umpteen photographs of these amazing pieces of art, which add abundance of charm and beauty to the houses and buildings in Malta. 

Lion headed knockers make this red door look so royal 

The pretty dolphin handles are going very well with black colour of the door

A very neatly painted front door

A cute orange door

This red door featuring heavily embellished door knockers looks classisc

Green is one of the most common colours used on front door

The black and red combo looks classy on this door

love the shabby look of this door

A bright red coloured door adorned with dolphin door handles

intricate brass motifs adorning this beautiful chocolate coloured door

Cream coloured front door

This blue door looks so inviting

Door knocker in the shape of a human hand

Door knocker with human face design

Fish door knocker

Gothic face Door knocker

Vintage lamp door knocker

Ring door knocker

Horse shoe door knocker

Rounded door knob

Face door knocker

Lion head door knocker